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Welcome To Koshish Charitable Trust

We help Poor children to get their life better.
Koshish, founded by young and devoted social activists was registered as a charitable trust on 4th August 1997. It works for social, political and economic empowerment of poor people, protection of Human Rights, gender issues, Right to Food, grassroots justice delivery system and environment conservation.
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Our Recent Causes

Poor people are at high risk of severe malnutrition & no education

Human Rights

Our Programmes and activities are focused on protection and promotion of Fundamental Rights: Right to Water & Food, Right to Health &Sanitation,Right to Work, Right to Shelter, Right to Clean Air & Environment, Land& Forest Rights, Right to Information, Right to Education, Right to Expression, Right to Culture and Right to Justice.

Peace and Harmony

Campaign for promotion of tolerance, peace, communal harmony, fraternity, peaceful resolution of conflict, Constitutional Rights on religion & personal belief, cultural diversity and individual identity is organized. Meetings, seminar, workshop, cultural programmes, puppet show, street plays etc. are programmed

Women & Children

Activities are undertaken for better understanding of Constitutional & Fundamental Rights, gender equality, women’s and children’s rights and ending all kinds of violence against women and children.


The organization works to enable youth to develop themselves to their potentialities and advocates with the government for youth centered policies. It undertakes research study on aspiration and problems of youth. The organization strives to inculcate ideals of peace, communal harmony and community living and encourage youth to participate in politics and social development.

Local Self Governance

The organization works for promotion of local self-governance, decentralize planning, resource mobilization, community monitoring and justice at grassroots level.

Environment and Sustanable agriculture

Organization’s responsibilities are to take initiatives for protection and conservation of environment, water-bodies, forest, biodiversity and wild life. Initiatives are undertaken for achieving balance between footprint and handprint in regard to sustainable development. We work to provide immediate relief to victims of natural and human induced disasters. We also try to ascertain the causes of calamities and assess its impact on environment, individuals, society and economy

Mission and Vision

KOSHISH is an organization of devoted youth activists committed to struggle for equality, peace and justice. To establish a progressive, peaceful, democratic, just and environment friendly society based on the values of equality and fraternity

Executive Commitee

We want to bring the happiness for needy.

Arshad Ajamal

We want to bring the happiness for needy.


We want to bring the happiness for needy.

Archana Kumari